Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Growing an Idea

By Sue Viders

And they multiplied like rabbits...

Okay fellow writers, here is an update on my writing guides for my Weekend Writer series of ebooks that are going to hit the Amazon Kindle shelf in June.

In the beginning, I had the idea of developing a series of six short writing books built on the premise that in order to write a really good nonfiction piece you needed first an idea, then you should have a firm grasp on where the story was taking place and who the storyteller was and of course, how to write the darn thing along with some clues on how to polish it up so it was ready to be presented to the world.

And a pyramid of building blocks was to visually show the concept of how each of these concepts were necessary to complete any writing project.

Well, this concept grew. And grew... and grew until now I have 36 books. 

First it simply started as a way to help nonfiction writers with their ideas. A short book based on my writing classes that would help the writer pin down their idea and assist them in turning this budding idea into something that would flourish into a great book. But of course, the idea is just the first step, more books were needed.

 As the pyramid of blocks finally emerged I felt I was on to something great for all the nonfiction writers in the world, as there was nothing like this out there in the great wide world of writing books. My guides were short, full of bullets, packed with practical suggestions and simple to follow.

So it seemed logical to take the six building blocks of nonfiction writing and expand it to fiction writers.

Okay, now instead of six guides, I had twelve.

Over the next few months I “chugged” along, a bit here, a bit there, when one of my former co-authors, who loved this idea, joined me.

Suddenly there was a furry of activity. We met every Friday and had a working breakfast. The first book was slightly revised. The cover was finalized. Fonts were chosen. 

And the writing was coming along when suddenly, as the first guide was nearly completion,we realized that in all my classes I given my writing students a ton of worksheets to help them organize their ideas.

Worksheets. Of course.

But let’s not call them that. Worksheets can be scary to a beginning writer. But everyone learns different. Some writers love filling them in, while others, secretly admit to at least looking them over.

We came up with the title “Pathways”... which of course are worksheets, but at least the word is not so scary. Grin.

Okay. Each guide now has an accompanying guide called Pathways... so instead of 12 books we now have 24...

Of course the pathway books need a new cover design. Onward.

Time was spent reading the blogs of successful e-book authors, who all were saying the same thing. Don’t be a one-book wonder. To make money you need lots and lots of product.

So... following their advice, we needed lots and lots of product. Hmm, what could we do to create more product?

Hmm. More books. My mind boggled at the thought when suddenly we had the answer.

A bundle.

Put the two guides together as a third product. We’ll combine the teaching book with the worksheets and sell it at a reduced price.

Okay, now I have, lets see, first I had six books, then we added fiction, so there were 12 books... each 12 got it’s own pathway book, so now there are 24 books, and by adding a bundle to each group... wow... 36 guides are coming out in the next two years.

Let’s not send me any rabbit jokes, please.

You can expect the first guide, The Building Blocks of Nonfiction - The IDEA - Guide 1, to be up on Amazon June 1st.

It’s sister book, IDEA, Pathways, Worksheets and Exercises for the Nonfiction Writer will be out July 1st and the Bundle, tentatively entitled, Two for One, (still working on that) hopefully out in August.

Once these three have their covers in place, format secure, the rest will follow quickly.  I’m hoping for one a month.

Should you like to be a “Beta” reader for any of these first few books, please let me know and I’ll be delighted to send you a review copy.


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