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Growing an Idea

By Sue VidersAnd they multiplied like rabbits...

Okay fellow writers, here is an update on my writing guides for my Weekend Writer series of ebooks that are going to hit the Amazon Kindle shelf in June.
In the beginning, I had the idea of developing a series of six short writing books built on the premise that in order to write a really good nonfiction piece you needed first an idea, then you should have a firm grasp on where the story was taking place and who the storyteller was and of course, how to write the darn thing along with some clues on how to polish it up so it was ready to be presented to the world.
And a pyramid of building blocks was to visually show the concept of how each of these concepts were necessary to complete any writing project.
Well, this concept grew. And grew... and grew until now I have 36 books.
First it simply started as a way to help nonfiction writers with their ideas. A short book based on my writing classes that would help the writer pin down their idea …