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5 Tips on Blogging

One of the promotional tools writers have been told to use as a way of getting their word out about their stories is blogging.It can be both fun, but also time consuming. And coming up with ideas for blogs every week can become an issue.What is there to blog about that can be helpful to your fiction writing?

1.Blog about your research – This is a no brainer.I always find items that I look up that I might not use in my story that might make a good blog. For instance, my research on ghostly legends of the southwest took me back to my childhood and hearing my mother tell me of the story of La Llorona, an infamous story of a ghostly woman who haunts the waterways and rivers in the southwest, looking for her lost children. It was an old legend that Hispanic parents told their children to keep them from going out at night. I used it for several blogs around Halloween.
2.Blog about places you visit – this too was part of research on one of my stories. I spent a weekend travelling by train ac…

5 Tips to Increasing Writing Output

On Saturday I attended a workshop on increasing artistic creativity, and it spurred some wonderful creative thinking on my part. We were told that writers should work on developing the more visually artistic side of their brains to increase output on the writing side. That got me to thinking, not just of ways to increase that visual side, and I will be working on that, and writing about it once I try it, but it also made me think of other ways to increase your fiction writing output overall and how sometimes just plain writing can help us over dry spots or when we think we're plagued by writer's block.

For instance:
1.Try journal writing.Many writers started using and demonstrating their writing skills by keeping diaries or journals when they were young. Do you still keep a journal?I don’t, but I have plenty of them when I was young. However, off and on I find that it just feels good to sit down and write down thoughts or ideas that only I will ever see. It is often good to go …

5 Tips to Writing What you Know

In the past I’ve talked about the importance of doing research for your writing, but there is also something to be said about writing what you know. As a former broadcast journalist and someone who has worked in public relations and media relations, I’ve often used those careers in my books. Using your career is a good way to bring realism to your books, but what if you’ve never been a police officer, or doctor or even a medical technician. That’s where the research comes in handy.

But you can also use the many things you already know that aren’t connected with any profession. There are plenty of areas where you can use your own personal expertise that others might not have. Often you may not realize how much you actually know about other subjects that you can use in your books.You may not think of the simple things you know that could actually be important or fun subjects to write about.
1.Remember time and places you know.
These elements can play a big role in your setting.When is yo…

5 Tips to Meet Your Writing Goals

Have you made a resolution to write more in 2015?We are five days in, how are you doing? Every year I set wonderful goals for myself and then when I sit down to accomplish them, I find myself stumped. Okay, I wrote down the goal of writing a thousand words a day, why am I not doing it?

That got me to thinking how I might do things differently this year. Every year I also keep a chart to check my daily word count. I started that because I liked looking back at how much I was accomplishing during NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month).I liked watching the word count go up every day so I started doing it on my own outside the month. I’d just write down my daily count and then my monthly count and then add it all up at the end of the year to see who well I’d done.It also helped me see which months were better than others, and if there were times I was more prolific.Asa result of keeping those daily records I found I was writing more every week, and subsequently I was also writing mo…