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Why I Teach by Sue Viders

Why do I teach?

Taped on my wall, to the right of my computer’s monitor, is a picture of a light bulb screwed into a white ceramic base. It has an off and on switch and a red twisted electrical cord coming out of the base which trails off into the distance.
It’s my Light Bulb Image. Grin.
Getting the light bulb to light is the reason I teach. I delight in seeing the glow that comes from a writer when they either say to me, if teaching on site, or write to me, if teaching online... “Oh boy, I get it! I finally get it!”
Socrates said:
“I can not teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
It’s that thinking that makes the light bulb turn on.
But how to get the writer to flick the on switch?
Teach them how to cook.
Teachers are master chiefs for they understand what ingredients must go into the making of a tasty and original dish.
For example let’s take how a writer learns plotting.
There are various ingredients that go into a plot such as who the character is going to be, what problem s/h…
THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF A GREAT IDEA On Monday I started my story of how I came up with the idea for my Weekend Writing GuideLet’s see where was I?Oh yes, building blocks.
As I built the pyramid on my desk, I envisioned some of the blocks (cubes) having numbers on them.
So I hunted up images of building blocks on the web and found the perfect image.Coping it I simply changed the ABC’s on the blocks to numbers and then thought, let’s make this a puzzle for the reader.Readers love mysteries.
I took all those ABC’s and changed them to a couple of E’s and S’s along with a D and of course a U and a V.Right I scrambled them up, but if one looked carefully, the letters now spelled by name
Next I sent my sketches to my cover artist.He bought the rights to the image. Cost. $10.00
Then he started re-working the image incorporating my ideas. I think, of course, that it turned out great:

Okay, the cover and the outlines were done.
Next came the writing. It just flowed. Using my notes from my classes I ha…

Growing an Idea

by Sue Viders

How do projects and books get started? Does the idea come to you out of the blue, in a dream, from reading a story, watching a TV movie or just from a conversation with a friend?
Several months ago, during a breakfast meeting, one of my writing friends challenged me to write and get a book up on Kindle by the end of the year. We had been talking about the fact that suddenly my royalties from Random House were getting larger. The sales of one of my books, Heroes and Heroines which has been in print for almost ten years, was suddenly double. When I checked it out, I found that the publisher had turned it into an e-book. Imagine my surprise. And although the print book was still doing well, sales were great electronically.
So we were talking about what we could write that we could get online. Since I had written several nonfiction work books for both my college and online classes I thought a book on how to write nonfiction would be a snap to do in a couple of months.
Over cof…