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Fighting Writer's Block with your Characters

by Becky Martinez

Last Saturday at the Colorado Romance Writers tea for Readers a reader asked the writers at our table about writer’s block and it got me to thinking. How do you handle writer’s block?Don’t we all feel like we suffer from it every so often? I don’t know about writer’s block, but I feel like there is something stubborn inside me every so often that holds me back from sitting down at the keyboard and keeps me from writing.

Often attending an event like the reader’s tea helps. Spending time with other writers or listening to what readers like about books is enough to give me lots of ideas or get the creative juices flowing.
At CRW TEA But other times, my muse can be stubborn. How do I know when that’s a problem? Easy, I find myself doing things like cleaning up my office area or, heaven forbid, running the vacuum every room in the house. If I get to deep cleaning the kitchen, I know I’m in trouble. Time to put down the dust cloth and dish rag and head for my computer.