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5 Tips for Writing Atmosphere

This weekend I got a wake-up call that is already providing excellent help for the story I am currently editing.It came in a workshop about writing short stories.The instructor talked about bringing the setting to life through atmosphere.I’ve often worked at finding different ways to express setting, to bring it alive for the reader. I use “ambience” as my guide for bringing it life. How does it feel or smell to the reader? What about noise?That was the thought he put into making it come alive as “atmosphere.”So how does that work? Here are five tips for providing atmosphere for your readers.
Consider the characters and Point of View. One thing that really hit me as he talked about atmosphere was the different way each character might look at a setting. I remember my thrill the first time I visited New York and the urgency of the city.I wanted to drink it all in. On the other hand, the first time I took my father to New York, that sense of urgency became a feeling of anxiety. Too much…