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Meet Dottie

by Sue Viders Branding. Marketing. Standing out from the crowd. These are todays problems for the writer. Not the writing. Not creating a fascinating story. Not creating memorable characters. No. It's all about name recognition. Or as they call it now-a-days... "branding." I hate the word "branding" I always think I'm a cow waiting for the numbered tag to be stapled on my ear. I much prefer the word marketing. That I can handle. So when I decided that I should begin marketing my name and what I do, the first problem I faced was how to separate my blogs and my identity from all the other hundreds of bloggers who wrote about writing. I needed an image to put with each blog. As an artist and former art teacher I always notice the pictures, images, photographs bloggers use. Some are interesting, some are blah, and some, well most of them, hold no interest for me at all.
Plus the images are always different. I'm dyslexic. I have a hard time remembering…


by Becky Martinez As we begin the new year we often think about goals and what we want to accomplish this year. I echo Sue Viders’ thoughts on setting goals and writing them down. When they are written down, they become much more real to us. We can see what we are striving for and we can go back later and see what we have accomplished.

Checking back later is also important. A goal that gets written down and never re-visited is as useful as a goal you carry in the back of your head. It is kind of there but not really. If you have written down your goals and posted them where you can see them everyday you will be much more likely to have them in mind as you work and you can readily see what you are accomplishing.
The idea of having a deadline for goals also can work to make certain you accomplish them. For 30 years I worked with daily deadlines. In a TV newsroom, if you don’t make your time slot your work probably won’t get on the air. There was no option to fail. You got it done on tim…

Setting Goals for the New Year

by Sue Viders

Yep, it’s that time of the year again...
Once again a new and untried year has been born.

And once again we make new year promises, that even before they are written down are doomed to failure.

Why? Why are all these great writing goals going down the drain with the days dish water?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I do know how it works for me.
The biggest problems I have had in past years are:
•the goal(s) were pretty vague, such as

•I’d like to get the mystery story published this year,
•or change “published” to finished this year
•I never write the goals down

•which means I never printed them out
•which means I never saw them

Just the other day, my publisher/agent called. She was in the midst of writing up a contract for my Weekend Writer series of guides that I am developing. One of the first questions she asked me was “Sue, where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

Ohh, how to answer that? Hmm, lots of thinking. Pondering.

Now I could have answered with wonde…