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5 Tips to Finish up the Old Writing Year

At the beginning of every new year I like to make a list of the things I hope to achieve in the new year in my writing journey. It only makes sense then, that at the end of every year I like to check back on the progress I've made or didn't make. Sometimes I like to look back at goals I set in prior years to make certain I am moving in the right direction.

So let's quickly look back: I did get at least one book published in the last year, Blues at 11, though I knew that was coming because it had been contracted, edited and proofed earlier. But two very good things also happened that allowed me to get two more works published. I participated in an anthology offered by The Heart of Denver Romance Writers, so I had yet another fiction work published. I also worked with my non-fiction writing collaborator Sue Viders on a new project, and as a result I am now also an independent published author as we started the "Let's Write a Story" series. The first book -- Sev…

5 Tips for Writing through the Holidays

We all run into it -- the busy, busy period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  How can you find time for writing during those hours when the days grow shorter and the "to do" lists grow longer? That doesn't include those couple of weeks when relatives are coming to visit or the kids are out of school.  How can you find time to devote to yourself, let alone your writing or writing projects.

Here are five tips to survive the Holidays and still come out ahead once you've drunk your last drop of eggnog or champagne and eaten that last cookie or piece of holiday candy.

1. Schedule at least half an hour of the day for some writing time.  I don't normally schedule when I am going to write. I like to let the muse strike me, but sometimes if people are in from out of town or if the kids are around for days on end, you need to schedule some time away from everything and for yourself. Scheduling first thing in the morning or getting up before everyone is up can w…

5 Tips To Begin Plotting Your Novel

This week my focus is on PLOTTING -- one of the most critical parts of writing any novel. In addition to having my latest book on plotting published, (more on that later) I also have another reason for thinking about how to plot this week. I am beginning work on a new book based on an idea that's been rolling around in my head. How can you go from idea to story? I've taught this class numerous times and I always come away from the classes with new ideas from students. Here are five good ways to begin plotting:

Start with the 5 Ws.   Over the years, as a TV news writer, I quickly learned that starting with the 5 Ws  was always a good place to begin work on any story I needed to write, whether it was a :15 headline or a 5-minute long series piece or even an hour long documentary. What are the basics?

1. Who?
2. What?
3. When?
4. Where?
5. Why?

Most of these are self explanatory, but let's run why they are so critical and how they can help you get started with your plot.

1. Wh…