Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thinking Like a Journalist

What do I do when I get writer's block?  I think back to my old days as a journalist when I couldn't afford to worry about what I had to write.  I just sat down at the typewriter (in the early days--later it was the keyboard) and as we used to say, "hack out the story."  The news didn't wait for the muse to strike with just the right words. Of course we weren't making up stories, but we couldn't wait for just the right word or just the right phrasing. I had to write and what I discovered was that the more I wrote, the easier those words came. But the key was getting started.

And now I still feel that way. Whether I am writing non-fiction or fiction, the best way to fight writer's block is to sit down and write something.

For more on my battles with writer's block, please check out my blog this week at Savvy Authors.

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